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Sitecore Form with Salesforce Connect - Custom validations for postcode using external API

The custom validation for the postcode validation using Sitecore forms for a simple contact form which connects to salesforce. I have seen multiple articles for the custom validation and also ...
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Unable to sync Salesforce campaigns to xConnect

I'm trying to sync the Salesforce campaigns to xConnect using the Sitecore's predefined pipeline batch (Salesforce Campaigns to xConnect Sync). From the logs, I find that the data is successfully ...
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Sitecore Connect for Salesforce 2.0.1 - ERROR [Data Exchange] Record was not saved

I installed Sitecore Connect for Salesforce 2.0.1 and added contact data using xConnect api but after executing Pipeline Batch "xConnect Contacts to Salesforce Sync" I get error message in log that "...
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