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Questions tagged [session-state]

For questions related to Sitecore session-state configuration, usage, etc.

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Is the Session DB Performance Boost still necessary?

I see that the section on optimizing SQL Session DB Performance that existed in the Sitecore 8.1 documentation no longer exists in the documentation for 9.1. Is this because the step is no longer ...
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Sitecore Redis engine version compatibility

I'm planning on using Redis for shared and private session for my Sitecore 9 update 1 site. There is already an existing Redis cluster running using Redis version 4.0.10. I believe the Azure Redis ...
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Does WFFM Reporting in CMS works only with InProc Session State?

We are using the Sitecore WFFM version 8.1 Update-2 installed in Sitecore version 8.1 rev 160302. Our CMS site session state is configured to use "StateServer". We are using the SqlDataProvider to ...
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How to handle two user sessions at the same time in Sitecore

We have a Sitecore MVC website. The Sitecore version is 9.3.0. As of now, we have a login functionality on the website. We use AuthenticationManager.Login method and pass 3 parameters: username, ...
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Losing Session Value in Sitecore 9.0.2

I have a Sitecore 9.0.2 portal in Azure PaaS from where we are making some transactions. I am posting form to the payment gateway using form post method and gateway is returning the response to a ...
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Session locking in 8.2

Occasionally we are experiencing what appears to be a session lock when viewing the front end of the site. The symptoms are The browser loads the request for a long period of time Eventually a 504 ...
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Maintaining/Sharing session between virtual folders

I am a bit confused here. Under the same Sitecore 8.1 instance, I have two web sites set as two virtual folders ( and under the same app pool. This is a temporary ...
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Session from GetPageItemProcessor is null in Service layer

I am having a PageUnavailableProcessor, which extends GetPageItemProcessor. This Processor helps in redirecting to a user-defined Page for all 403 errors (we are tagging the pages by language and ...
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Sitecore 9.0.2 and Azure PaaS based live website gives '502' error few times in a day

We have our public website in Sitecore 9.0.2 and it is in Azure PaaS infrastructure, from last few days the website gives '502 following error message' at specific times in a day(8 (am or pm), 9(am or ...
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Unable to read Sitecore data written in Redis

We are evaluating REDIS vs SQL Server for session state. During testing, we found that data in REDIS is not readable. It looks like encrypted with assembly information or maybe it is showing an error. ...
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CD Instance is configured for Private session but Redis is showing keys for both Shared and Private Session

Our CMS instance is using "In Process" session state and CD instance is using "Out of Process" session state. We have configured it for private session state using Sitecore ASP.NET ...
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Users are authenticated with the Old/Copied session Cookies - Sitecore 7.2 -

How to prevent users from logging in using the old/Copied session cookies. For example, I copy my session cookies and then logout from my website. If I import the old/copied session cookies in another ...
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How can I share session between a Sitecore instance and an ASP.NET MVC application?

Currently we have one Sitecore instance using Sitecore Redis Session State Provider, Sitecore.SessionProvider.Redis.RedisSessionStateProvider, and another ASP.NET MVC application using Microsoft Redis ...
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Redis session provider not working on Azure PaaS webapp

I am working on a Sitecore 9 solution which is hosted on Azure PaaS. I have a simple piece of code that is meant to store an object in session which works fine on my local machine but once deployed ...
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Sitecore 9 httpBeginRequest pipeline reuse?

In my content delivery instance I have user information that is used in multiple componentized view renderings, which is sourced from REST services (some of this I want to pre-fill, some will be done ...
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Highly Available out proc session server

Is there a way to have highly available session state server (out proc) so that if one of the server managing the session in db goes down, other can instantly come up and server the current user ...
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Maintaining session across the same browser

We have the requirement to maintain the session in the multiple browser. Example : If the user logs-in to the site in chrome browser and after login if the user opens the URL in the another chrome ...
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How do we transfer a Sitecore/ASP.NET session between domains on the same delivery cluster?

A bit about our setup. We have 3 Sitecore 8.2U5 Content Delivery Servers across one Analytics node. We have SSO through a 3rd party provider (PING), a main site, and some portal sites. The portal ...
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Amazon RDS and SQL Session State

I am setting up an environment with the databases stored on Amazon RDS. I am running into a problem with using SQL Session State. I get the YSOD with this error: Parser Error Message: Synonym '...
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Sessions DB usage spiking, causing performance problems

I've got a problem with one of my clients' sites (Sitecore 8.0, Azure cloud services (custom deployment model)) and could really use a solution. Here's the story in bullet point form: Deployment of ...
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Session timeout throws server error in sitecore 9.3

I updated the session timeout to 60 minutes in the sessionState section of web.config. After the 60 minutes of time out, the application throws a server error with no event log captured. but the same ...
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Abandon session in JSS Integrated mode

Sitecore : 9.1 Initial release + JSS 11.0 integrated mode We tried to abandon the session using the URL snippet /sitecore/api/jss/track/flush mentioned at
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Are there specific configuration requirements for Redis in Azure?

We're attempting to configure Azure Redis cache, I'm confident the connection string is correct as the logs suggests it's been able to make a connection. However my knowledge of using Redis with ...
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