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For questions related to Sitecore's configuration settings. This tag should not be used for general .NET or IIS settings, or other settings that are not specifically related to Sitecore's <setting> confinguration nodes

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Redirect map template not working in sitecore 10.2

In Sitecore 10.2 Sxa, I am trying to add redirection rules with redirect map, which is under the settings item. But when I try to add a redirect map , redirection does not work. What could be the ...
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Parameters.xml in scwdp. What and how?

I was looking into Sitecore set-up on Azure. I downloaded the scwdp packages from the Sitecore portal. Inside the scwdp packages, there is a file with the name parameters.xml. I am not being able to: ...
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DateUtil.ToUniversalTime() and DateUtil.ToServerTime() return unexpected values in unit tests

I have a case where the following code returns a different result depending on if I am debugging the site, or running the code in a unit test: var start = DateUtil.ToUniversalTime(@event.Start_Date); ...
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Index rebuild batch sizing setting?

I need to change the size of the batches during the index rebuild. The most suitable setting I've found is ContentSearch.Update.BatchSize with the description: The size of document batch before ...
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Amend ContentSearch settings to a single index?

I have a bunch of custom indexes and I need to finetune only 1 of them, not affecting the others. Let's say, I want to change ContentSearch.Update.BatchSize, is there a way to apply this setting for 1 ...
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Sitecore menu text has vanished

First of all, I followed this procedure. I downloaded the necessary files ...
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URL Redirect map is not working when i use the language in the OLD URL path

In the Sitecore 8.2: I'm trying to redirect the OLD URL to the NEW URL. Using the Redirect MAP 301. When I use language code in the OLD URL the redirection is not working. It's resolved to 404. other ...
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Where to store key-value pair which need to be permanent in Sitecore?

I need to store key-value pair, which will be permanent and updated from time to time. The options which I see, but want to avoid them are: add this key to external database, store it in Sitecore ...
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Password type field of Sitecore Item getting exposed on Version compare popup Window

I am facing a very strange issue in Sitecore 8.1 update2 instance. There is a field of Password type. Though in content Editor its value appears in dots format but on clicking Version-> Compare button,...
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Experience editor always opens another site in a multi-site instance

I have a multi-site instance having site1, site2, site3,... and the instance name is Mysite. Each site has its own SiteDefinition.config When I try to open a site2 or site3 page in the experience ...
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What is the equivalent of the "DataProviderTimeout" setting in Sitecore 9

I want to temporarily increase the timeout settings in a Sitecore 9 environment while I run the tool for removing broken links (
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3 votes
1 answer

How can I access the Sitecore 9 configuration values programmatically?

I'm trying to get this given node value from the Sitecore configuration (Sitecore 9 instance). My first approach was to read the configuration file on which this value is defined. Pretty standard... ...
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Is there a list of external domains that Sitecore calls as part of normal operating?

I'm looking to get a complete list of the URLs that Sitecore calls during normal functionality of the base product. We have a client's IT group that needs to whitelist the outbound external calls to ...
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how to add undefined language versions for an item in sitecore

I have a Sitecore user who is not an administrator. I want to add any language version of an item from more languages button available in the top right corner of an item even though that language is ...
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How to setup sitecore site from existing database and website folder?

I have a database and website folder backup provided by the client. How can I configure a sitecore site manually or by using the Sitecore Instance Manager?
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How does the "Clean up databases" feature work?

In the Control Panel, there is a "Clean up databases" button. How does it work? What operations are carried out during a database cleanup?
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MediaResponse.Cacheability and DisableBrowserCaching

To achieve better performance of website, I have browsed some of the web sites and observed that by updating following settings in Sitecore.config we will achieve this. By doing following changes, ...
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What is the optimum value (or range) for MaxWorkerThreads sitecore setting?

I believe that the default value for the MaxWorkerThreads is 20. In order to increase the number of concurrent user requests that can be processed, this needs to be increased from its default value. ...
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What does the DisableBrowserCaching setting actually disable?

I have configured and tuned site caches many times, but I feel like I still don't fully understand what the DisableBrowserCaching setting does. I have read all of the docs and I have done a little ...
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What are the ways to find the Sitecore version on Sitecore installations?

For the existing Sitecore instances, what are the different ways to find the version of the Sitecore CMS ?
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