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All questions related to install and configure Sitecore on multiple environment including CD and CM.

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Setting up Sitecore sxastarter project in Linux/Ubuntu 22.04

I use Ubuntu for development. What is the best way to set up sxastarter project for Linux development in Connected mode or Sitecore first approach? Are there any resources available that focus on ...
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seeing this error after sitecore installtion ,local setup Could not find configuration node: databases/database[@id='web_am'], what could be the issue [duplicate]

I am facing issue on doing local setup for this sitecore, Could not find configuration node: databases/database[@id='web_am'] not sure why and where exactly this issue is occuring,and what could be ...
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Parameters.xml in scwdp. What and how?

I was looking into Sitecore set-up on Azure. I downloaded the scwdp packages from the Sitecore portal. Inside the scwdp packages, there is a file with the name parameters.xml. I am not being able to: ...
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Sitecore XM Cloud local setup error with Node.js

I am preparing am XM Cloud project for local development with Node.js. On completion of the setup I am getting the below error: error - FetchError: request to
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Issue in setup Sitecore Publishing Module (ver 4.3) on local system (Error: An error occurred while starting the application)

I am trying to setup publishing module (ver 4.3) for my sitecore 10.0 application, everything has been done based on manual/script steps in document. Like configure connection string, creating IIS ...
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How many Master databases should you have across all environments?

This is going to sound like a real newbie question but is something I can't get my head round in terms of how our real world setup compares to what was taught in Sitecore training. So - in the ...
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ERROR: Service 'dotnetsdk' failed to build : Build failed

I am getting failed to register layer: Error processing tar file(exit status 1): link /Files/Program Files/common files/Microsoft Shared/Ink/en-US/micaut.dll.mui /Files/Program Files (x86)/common ...
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Sitecore developer workstation requirement for Sitecore Experience Platform (XP Single)

I am new in Sitecore and now I am trying to setup my machine. I want to ask you that what is a recommendation for developer workstation in terms of below points: RAM CPU Disk Any other specific ...
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Trim down unused XP roles in a sitecore 9.0.1 XP scaled setup hosted in Azure PaaS [duplicate]

What is the recommended way to trim down the XP roles in a XP Scaled setup (Sitecore 9.0.1) that are not being used by the business. Currently we are using only XM features, so we thought of cutting ...
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Sitecore 10.1 xConnect collection database multi-region scaling read-only performance

I have a multi-region Sitecore deployment with CDs in the US and the UK using Sitecore 8.2 with MongoDb as the xDb, like this: UK US CD1 ...
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"validation script for the argument with value ".\createcert.json" did not return a result of True." error while installing Sitecore 10.1

I am trying to install Sitecore 10.1 through SIF but I am getting the below exception.. Cannot retrieve the dynamic parameters for the cmdlet. Cannot validate argument on parameter 'Source'. The &...
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"Execution Timeout Expired" exception while installing Sitecore 10.1

I was trying to install the latest Sitecore 10.1. While installing it, I got the below exception. [-------------- XConnectXP0_InstallWDP : WebDeploy ---------------------------] [WebDeploy]:[Path] C:\...
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Sitecore.Kernel Version 10.0.0 fails to Install from Nuget Manager

I'm trying to install Sitecore.Kernel version 10.0.0 on Visual Studio 2019 solution running on .net framework 4.8 and I get following error. Severity Code Description Project File Line ...
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Sitecore 9.3 Identity Server Redirects to 404

I configured a content management server with Identity server. Accessing the CM server takes me to the Identity server correctly, but after logging it redirects me to
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SQL Replication doesn't clear CD caches on remote target

We have a multi-cd publishing situation I can use some help with. We are in an Azure PAAS situation, with the CM and 1 CD server located in the US. We also have a CD Server and SQL database in China (...
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This site cant be reached error while I am loading sitecore 8.2 client

It was working fine few days back, but suddenly my local environment ends up with below error. I have tried installing new instances of sitecore as well but no luck. +Adding Windows Network ...
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Firewall rule for scaled environment

In the Sitecore 9.1 scaled environment setup (2 CD, 1 CM, 1 xConnect and everything else, 1 Solr) we need to whitelist IPs and open ports for these servers. Can someone please suggest a firewall set ...
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How can I add a new QA environment to existing Sitecore Azure Paas setup?

We have an existing Sitecore 9 setup in Azure Paas. It includes one CD and one CM server with no xDB. Now we're looking to add a new QA environment which will effectively be a copy of CM with its own ...
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Is logging into Sitecore from another computer on the same network possible for an XP0 installation?

I have installed Sitecore 9.2 XP0 Single on a server and I'm trying to log in to the instance as admin from a different computer. The home page of the Sitecore instance loads fine at the address http:/...
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Specific Challenge Sitecore 8.2.1 migration to sitecore 9.2 end to end [closed]

The migration question would be around for quite long time. I need help to understand my approach is in right direction before I invest my actual migration time. List of queries sitecore .net ...
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How to create a web deploy package (scwdp) for Dedicated CD Instance Option

Out of box, Sitecore provides with XP0 and XP1 SCWDP packages. We are thinking that Dedicated CD Instance option below will suffice our requirements.
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How do you configure servers?

I am currently configuring a CD Server and a CM server but looking at the spreadsheet (downloaded from the official site:
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How do I find missing ribbon icons in a Sitecore 9 setup?

I have Sitecore 9 installed on a couple of environments. On just 1 of the environments, the ribbon icons are visible in the XP editor. In the other environments, no icons are appearing in the ribbon ...
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