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Questions tagged [sitecore-mvc]

Any question that are related to MVC pattern in context of Sitecore including controller and view rendering can make use of this pattern.

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How to retain the session value in sitecore 10.2

How to retained the session, when i clicked the media url session is null. I have developed external based authentication, I stored value on session, When i clicked the media url or Pdf url(used ...
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Session from GetPageItemProcessor is null in Service layer

I am having a PageUnavailableProcessor, which extends GetPageItemProcessor. This Processor helps in redirecting to a user-defined Page for all 403 errors (we are tagging the pages by language and ...
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Collection was modified; enumeration operation may not execute(while trying to install SXA for 9.2)

I am trying to install the SXA package for 9.2 in my local. After sometimes of loading it is showing this error. And ended up with package installation failed error. Collection was modified; ...
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Base URL is not coming correctly in AJAX call on landing page of sub site

My current Sitecore project has a multisite with URL structure as follows Whenever I do an AJAX call from the subsite landing page the base URL is coming as ...
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HttpNotFound with custom 404

In one of our MVC controllers we have: public ActionResult Index() { return HttpNotFound(); } This HttpNotFound will set the StatusCode to 404. We would like to 'catch' this 404 status code and ...
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