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Questions tagged [sitecore-query]

For questions related to the syntax of and issues with Sitecore Query notation

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2 answers

Why we should not use fast queries in Sitecore

As per blogs and best practices of Sitecore, its advised that fast queries should be avoided. The reason for that is fast queries will directly access the DB and fetch the results which causes ...
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1 answer

What are the limitations of Fast query?

After reviewing this question and answer you can see that the use of Fast query is the leading cause of migraines. (<- unverified claim) What are limitations a developer should take into account ...
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2 answers

Get all Children in the order defined in Sitecore

I have following structure in sitecore > Country > India > Srilanka > Bangladesh The following query returns all the child items but in alphabetical order string ...
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4 answers

Sitecore Query fails - "::" expected at position 92

The below query fails and throws exception. /sitecore/content/Abcdef/Sites/WXYZ/MNO/Application Contexts/Connect On Demand/Sections/Self Service/* returns "::" expected at position 92. where as I am ...
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1 answer

How to query multiple datasources & multiple templates in sitecore query

The content tree is as follows: sitecore |_content |_Site1 |_Home |_Articles |_Category |_article1 |_article2 |_Site2 |_Home |_Rewards |...
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Sitecore hosting on AWS with Blue/Green deployment for zero downtime

We are currently having Sitecore 8.2 update 6 runs on AWS. We are planning to implement Blue/Green deployment for zero downtime and disaster recovery. The plan is to have 2 set environments as Blue ...
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2 answers

Is there a way to reference another database in Multilist with Search

I created a user content generated database in Sitecore where I will store my users and their comments. I plan to have a subscriptions item bucket that will be stored in the web database (published ...
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4 votes
1 answer

How to Join MongoDb Collections Using Sitecore Mongo Db Report Data Source

Am using sitecore 8.0, below code gets the analytics from the mongo db. I have two collections "ineractions" and "ContactId", I want to join both the collections using common field "contact" from ...
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1 answer

Get item by Display name in sitecore

How can I fetch the item by display name? The below code is not working: string url = string.Concat("fast:/sitecore/content/KeenanDirect/#" + string.Format(blogtype) + "#//*[@@Display name='", ...
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1 answer

Where to find Visit Duration and Latest Date Visited in Code Behind

I am creating a process that reads in the Sitecore analytics contact collection and gets information needed for a report. It is read and inserted in SQL Server. Not sure how to get some of the fields ...
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2 answers

Multi-root treelist with queries

I'm trying to use the Multi-root treelist that Kam Figy made and that Zachary Kniebel extended. I used this guide to add the Field-type to the Core database. All is well, until I put query: anywhere ...
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1 answer

set relative query to datasource

Each Article uses datasource underneath. I'm using query to find CTA button of current item but it returns nothing. query:.//Article Datasource/Article Top Content .
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