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Questions tagged [sitecore-react]

Questions related to the open source Sitecore.React module available on the Sitecore Market Place.

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Need to Develop React native app using Sitecore 10.1 headless architecture [closed]

I need to develop a mobile app using Sitecore 10.1 headless architecture. Please suggest on this. Should we go with React Native and if yes then please share if any reference available.
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ReactPlayer does not render in Sitecore Pages edit/preview

Currently seeing the following behaviour in our Sitecore XM Cloud Pages. We are using custom components. This is our code snippet where I think the bug is: {sitecoreContext?.pageState === 'edit' ? ( ...
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Issue with Sitecore JavaScriptServices ViewEngine Rendering

We encountered the following exception when attempting to browse the page in Sitecore JSS 10.3 through experience editor. All the files have been deployed under wwwroot\\dist\. We have tried ...
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Which Node &NPM version is compatible with sitecore 10.3.1

we are upgrading the sitecore from 9.3 to 10.3.1 but we are facing issue from Node side, Could anyone help us and shared the information which Node &NPM version is compatible with sitecore 10.3.1
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Disable dictionary service call in get starter JSS/react template

I am using the Getting Started template, and I can see the dictionary call is initiated by default. How to disable this call?
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5 votes
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Sitecore JSS react SSR - how to setup higher environment(UAT/PROD) rendering host for experience editor

All our resources are in azure! Our Sitecore instance, front end codes are hosted as app-services! We are trying to setup rendering host for experience editor. We are looking for ideal way for SSR ...
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IMPORT ERROR(S) OCCURRED! Error de-serializing import data (Cannot cast Newtonsoft.Json.Linq.JObject to Newtonsoft.Json.Linq.JToken)

I have installed sitecore 10.0.1 version and sitecore jss version 15.0.1. While trying deploy the app by executing the jss command "jss deploy app --includeContent --includeDictionary --...
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Access layout service response sitecore.context object in Layout.JS file

In JSS react how to access the layout service response object sitecore.context in src/Layout.js. If you look at src/Layout.js file, In default we can access only sitecore.route fields but not sitecore....
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The expected type comes from property 'field' which is declared here on type 'IntrinsicAttributes & TextProps'

In terms of Sitecore NextJS, I'm a complete beginner. This problem is beyond my knowledge. Please assist me in resolving the following issues. Complete Code: import { Text, Field, ...
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Is it possible to pass an array data type to a react component with JSS Sitecore?

I am wanting to pass an array of string's into a react component with JSS Sitecore. At the moment, I am having to use CommonFieldTypes.SingleLineText in the sitecore component definition and splitting ...
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2 votes
1 answer

How to POST data to JSS Route

I am using Sitecore JSS in integrated mode. I have below scenario and need help to achieve it. When user will login to the web site, he can be part of one or more groups. After login user will see the ...
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2 votes
1 answer

How to embed Youtube & Vimeo videos in Sitecore JSS with React

I have create a video player component in Sitecore jss/react. I have tried with react-player player plugin. It is working fine in disconnected mode but as soon as I deployed it in Sitecore, it is ...
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Images are broken on Safari Browser [closed]

I'm using Sitecore 9.1, JSS and ReactJS. Some of the images are not showing on Safari but working fine on Chrome. Here's a sample url: /-/media/Intelligence-Bank/Folder/Folder/Logo/Logo.png?h=422&...
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How to render a component after a async request with React & Sitecore JSS?

I have a simple article page. I should have an infinite scroll implementation, meaning once a user has reached the bottom of the page, I should load the next article. How can I render a component ...
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How does one convert Sitecore JSS React boilerplate to typescript?

Is there a guide of some kind or possibly some helpful information floating around regarding the addition of typescript in a Sitecore JSS react boilerplate project? So far I've only been able to get ...
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Get items from rendering datasource in JSS

I have rendering that has been wrote in React and JSS. Sitecore displays rendering with static content. Is there any example how to get rendering datasource items and display Link fields from them ...
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How do you render EditFrame programmatically in C#?

I am working on an inherited project that was built with minimal support for editing with the Experience Editor (Sitecore 8.2.4). In particular, I need to retrofit EditFrames (documentation link). ...
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Sitecore.React null reference error on ReactSettingsProvider

I am trying to make React work with a Sitecore 9 instance using as reference. There were no build errors but upon publishing it, I encountered this error: "...
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