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Any question related to Sitecore Search integration to produce search result, can use this tag.

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Buckets/Services/Search.ashx 500 error

We have a Sitecore 10.3 version and we see the 500 error with the following URL in the console. Multilist with search is not working along with the Sitecore tab search. /sitecore/shell/Applications/...
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Understanding the Sitecore Search Capabilities for XM Cloud Platform

I am using link to learn about Sitecore search and have couple of questions related to ...
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Getting "Bad Request " as "Widget rfkid_7 not available" response in Sitecore Search API Explorer

While exploring “API Explorer” in Sitecore Search, we always get an errors back with “Bad Request”. I would like to know what issue is causing for the “Bad Request” { ""widgets"&...
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