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Sitecore.Ship is a small Sitecore module that allows the installation of Sitecore packages (both .zip and .update) using HTTP requests. This tag should be used for questions related to its integration with Sitecore, including configuration, customization, troubleshooting, etc.

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Automatic publish sitecore items via Powershell part of build task

We have a requirement to auto-publish the sitecore items upon success tds deploy. We are using sitecore.ship /services/publish/smart but it doesn't seem to do any thing at all. The service returns ...
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Sitecore.Ship Shows Success but Items Don't Appear [closed]

Using the Sitecore.Ship Deployment task in VSTS and it seems to pass and the log seems to indicate things are getting deployed but after the deployment is done, the items in the .update package are ...
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UpdateInstallationWizard.aspx and/or sitecore.ship isn't working [closed]

Stood up the 8.2 Update 1 environment. However I'm getting the error below when trying to install the update package generated by TDS. Works fine locally but not in Azure Web Apps. Value cannot be ...
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