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All the question related to generating XML Sitemap, HTML Sitemap for Sitecore website or the Sitemap module.

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5 votes
1 answer

How to format SXA sitemap XML?

I am getting Sitemap XML using mydomain/sitemap.xml but because of a tag, it is not correctly getting rendered in all browsers. Is there a way to configure/remove the following particular tag from ...
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4 votes
2 answers

Creating Sitemap without using any module

I am beginner to sitecore. My company wants to create the sitemap for their website. I have search on the google and got some options to create it with the help of some modules like sitemap XML. Is ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Execute a site dependent sitecore task

I would like to have a sitecore task to run differently depending on the current site. My task is scheduled to run every 24h to regenerate the sitemap.xml file. Im working on a multisite environement ...
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