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Is there a way to reset Sitecore admin password from database level?

I forgot my Sitecore admin password and was thinking a way to reset from database level. Is there a SQL query to reset Sitecore admin password ?
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'sqlcmd' is not recognized at CreateShardApplicationDatabaseServerLoginSqlCmd step

I'm trying to install Sitecore 9 Update 1 XP0 topology and everything looks great until the step CreateShardApplicationDatabaseServerLoginSqlCmd The server I am running the installation was ...
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Duplicate Content Items appearing during Sitecore Upgrade to 10.2

We are in process of upgrading Sitecore 8.2 to 10.2 Have ran the upgrade scripts on the existing databases as mentioned in the Upgrade guide. In the Sitecore Content Editor, its displaying duplicate ...
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How does the "Clean up databases" feature work?

In the Control Panel, there is a "Clean up databases" button. How does it work? What operations are carried out during a database cleanup?
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Database Server version while upgrading to Sitecore 9

I have a few Sitecore instances running on Sitecore 8.2/8.1 with databases on MS SQL 2012 and MongoDB for the xDB. I want to upgrade this instance to Sitecore 9. As I need MS SQL 2016 for the xDB I ...
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Publishing without SQL

What approach should I use to enable a customer to deploy content (just items) from their CM environment to a CD environment, where the CD environment would not allow any SQL ports through the ...
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Why Xdb.Collection.Shard0, Xdb.Collection.Shard1 and Xdb.Collection.ShardMapManager databases in Sitecore 9 are not Partially Contained?

I am wondering what are the reasons or maybe technical limitations all of Sitecore 9 databases to be Partially Contained except Xdb.Collection.Shard0, Xdb.Collection.Shard1 and Xdb.Collection....
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Move users / roles / passwords to new core database

We are migrating from Sitecore 8.2 to 9.0.2 and decided to start with "fresh" core, web, and master databases, migrating content on top of blank databases. What is the most efficient method to ...
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Sitecore Logging (Log4Net) Log to Database as Well as Text Files

Sitecore 7.5 The text file logging is working fine. But, I would like the logging to go to a SQL Server database so that I can search the data with T-SQL. How would I do that? I imagine it would be ...
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Setting up multiple publishing targets

I have a newly setup XP1 Sitecore 9.0 environment. It has single core, master and web databases currently. I’m looking to create a new publishing target/CD server for staging/UAT. I’ve seen various ...
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Installation Sqlcmd: Error - The client cannot connect to the server because the requested instance was not available [duplicate]

I'm trying to install Sitecore 9.1 Update 1 on my local machine. The script actually installs 7 databases like (MarketingAutomation, Messaging, Reporting), however when it comes to Sitecore databases ...
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