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Calling Script through a proxy from frontend to CDN

We are trying to implement "Partytown" to serve third-party scripts through webworker service where for metarouter the Script URL needs to come from CDN to which Sitecore has access but the ...
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Sitecore 10.1 SSC Sitecore Services Client /sitecore/api/ssc/auth/login conflicts with Sitecore Identity Owin pipeline

I'm running Sitecore 10.1 with default, out of the box Sitecore Identity enabled as per Sitecore.Owin.Authentication.config. Auth for regular users into the Content Editor works. I used to be on ...
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How do I upload a pdf to Sitecore Media Library via Sitecore.Services.Client Restful API service

I am using the following to Create an item, and it works to create a folder in the media library, but I want to create/upload a pdf using this or a similar technique. Here is my code: ...
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Why am I receiving the error The Requested Resource can only be accessed via SSL, while using the Sitecore.Services.Client

So, I am trying to access my Sitecore Media library via Sitecore.Services.Client with the following code: I have read the Developers Guide for the Sitecore Services Client, under the Security section. ...