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All questions that are related to Sublayouts (Renderings that use an ASP.NET User Control), should use this tag.

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How can I get the datasource of a personalized sublayout (webforms)?

I'm working on enabling sublayout caching for personalized sublayouts. public class ContextCacheableSublayout : Sublayout { public override string GetCacheKey() { var cacheKey = base....
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How did I clear the final layout accidentally

Suddenly the Final layout was missing and it did not even fallback to the shared layout also. No body from our side did not change the layouts intentionally. How this could have happened? Any guesses?...
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While viewing rendering attached to an item in Core DB, Sitecore is throwing server error

I am trying to access the details of a rendering attached to an item in the Core database, but Sitecore is throwing server error. Please refer to the attached screenshot.
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Sublayouts always rendering even when Visible=false, causing performance issues

I have a page template that dynamically renders all the datasource items that are in its Components folder. The way the page works is that there are no components in the placeholder settings on the ...
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