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Questions tagged [synthesis]

Use this tag for questions about the Synthesis framework. It is a strongly typed template object generator that’s easily understandable for developers with either a Sitecore or traditional .NET background.

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Synthesis Solr search not returning strongly typed implementations after upgrade

I'm upgrading a Sitecore 9.3 solution to Sitecore 10.2. The solution uses Unicorn, Leprechaun, and Synthesis for ORM. As part of the upgrade, Synthesis was updated from to Everything ...
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How to generate Synthesis model for two template paths

I am using Synthesis ORM for Sitecore for auto generation. Purpose is to generate model for two template paths. I have given below settings in Synthesis.Local.config based on <TemplatePathRoot>/...
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Can I include image URL options with Synthesis field rendering helpers?

I'm on Sitecore 8.2 with Synthesis 8.2.6. I'm currently using the provided helpers Field.RenderedValue and Field.Url. I'd like to request the images with specific size parameters depending on the ...
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PathItemReferenceField resolves to null although link to an item has been set

I have a template representing some rendering parameters. One of the fields on this template is a "general link" field which is supposed to link to an item in the Sitecore tree. I use the Synthesis ...
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Unicorn with Synthesis Solution in a Helix Implementation

We are having an issue with Synthesis and Unicorn in the same solution. I'm not sure if Helix really applies in this scenario but might be something to consider, since there are multiple projects and ...
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