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Questions relating how data can be categorised and classifed in Sitecore

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How can we get sorted result of similar interest SXA query using tags

I want to fetch people with similar interests based on common taxonomy tags. I am following the Sitecore documentation section "Add a query item that uses a token" mentioned here: https://...
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Dialog stays open with the loader and it never closes

I have a form for creating new taxonomy values for a specific taxonomy. I have the same form and the same configuration for more than 1 taxonomy. Some of them work correctly: I fill the fields of the ...
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Errors in validating multi-level taxonomy

I created a multi-level taxonomy SampleTaxonomy in Content Hub with hierarchy below: I was pulling the serialized entities using ch-cli with ch-cli serialization pull entity -d SampleTaxonomy. Then I ...
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Content Tagging with our own Taxonomy/Tags Items using third party Content Tagging Service Provider

Content Tagging with our own Taxonomy/Tags Items Repository using third party Content Analyzer Service Provider. The out of the box Open Calais or Sitecore provides flexibility to connect with Azure ...
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Blog posts with Tag Cloud filter does not work on the search results - Sitecore 9.2 and SXA 1.9

I have created the blog component based on the below link Somehow, the filter does not work using the SXA tags. What I have done: Created Blog Module ...
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Can I select custom group as campaing facet?

I have a campaign facet called Advertising Area (just like the one found in Google Ads). Within this facet,there are 2 levels of custom groups i.e. Country and Region and the last level is City: ...
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Automatically assign tags based on a single parent value

I'm new to Sitecore and am hoping someone can help. What is the best/easiest way to set this up for content editors so that if they choose a value from one tree, it automatically tags for other ...
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Details component for Taxonomy - Self items

I am creating a detail page for a taxonomy value and I want to show only the Parent field. My problem is Details component only allows me to show Self items field, that shows both Child and Parent, ...
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