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Mock useSitecoreContext in Nextjs unit tests

I'm trying to write simple unit tests with Jest and mock useSitecoreContext. When I'm mocking the useSitecoreContext like this: useSitecoreContext: jest.fn() I'm getting an error "Cannot ...
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Using JustMock With Sitecore 8.2.4 Kernel DLL

I have the following JustMock call in my old 8.0.7 Sitecore project: var siteGuid = Guid.NewGuid(); var siteItem = Mock.Create<Item>(); var id = new ID(siteGuid); Mock.Arrange(() => siteItem....
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Analytics Tracking Unit Test

I need to create a unit test that will use the following pipeline Sitecore.Analytics.Pipelines.StartTracking It then needs to see if the tracking is enabled and then check if a cookie exists. I saw ...
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Unit testing contentsearch with facets

I am trying to write a test for this code: var publicationYears = new List<string>(); using (var context = searchContextBuilder.GetSearchContext(Indexes.NewsIndex)) { var query = context....
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How to unit test a custom field validator

I have implemented my own field validator that ensures a thumbnail image is always set on a rendering item. Working example: [Serializable] public class MandatoryThumbnailFieldValidator : ...
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Unit Test Fails at AuthenticationManager.Login(virtualUser)

We have a unit test for our Login method using Sitecore 8.2. It fails at the below piece of code and attached the error screenshot follows. Can anybody please let me know how to resolve this error? ...
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Unit Test fails to run on solution based on Helix Visual Studio Templates

my project solution is based on Sitecore Helix Visual Studio Templates by Ander's Laub. Im trying to write Unit tests using XUnit, but none of the tests are running and not even failing. For test ...
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