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Questions tagged [url-rewrite]

For questions related to URL rewriting that specifically pertain to Sitecore, including Sitecore's native URL rewriting logic, customizations, etc. This tag should not be used for general URL rewriting questions that are not specific to Sitecore.

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Language specific redirects with UrlRewrite sitecore module

I've done alot of looking around but I can't seem to find the answer to an issue I am facing. Is it possible to use the UrlRewrite module from the Sitecore marketplace to perform language specific ...
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Redirect 2 different DNS names to two different pages in IIS

We have a server that hosts two applications on the same default site. Default Web Site Inventory Expenses We also have two DNS names pointing to the same ip address: ...
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"Could not resolve keys for the segment" in Experience Analytics when using UrlRewrite module

Currently, using UrlRewrite ( module adapted for Sitecore 9, but I'm not able to get results due to "Could not resolve keys for the segment 'ba6e2a68-...
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Sitecore URL Rewrite Module not working with query string

I'm using the Sitecore URL Rewrite Module found here: The module allows you to create redirect items. The redirect items have the fields Path ...
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URL Redirect map is not working when i use the language in the OLD URL path

In the Sitecore 8.2: I'm trying to redirect the OLD URL to the NEW URL. Using the Redirect MAP 301. When I use language code in the OLD URL the redirection is not working. It's resolved to 404. other ...
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200 error on a bad URL request

Well this is weird, we have a Sitecore 9.1 multisite, and when someone tries to access it is redirecting to 200 status code but with a server error message but if I ...
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Site config exclude relative path for few pages

I have my site definition like below: <site patch:before="site[@name='website']" name="mysite" hostName="" scheme="https" notFoundItem="not-found" ...
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Implement domain redirects while using sitecore URL Rewrite module

In this post we have successfully implemented the subdomain redirect so now I'm going to implement domain redirect itself. Entered URL: Expected URL: ...
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