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Questions tagged [urls]

All questions related to Sitecore URL (item and media URLs) generation, configuration and its uses.

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10 votes
1 answer

How to prevent Sitecore resolving the Language based on the URL

Our site is resolving some relative urls as languages, where it should be resolving items instead. e.g. should be resolving the item EU under the home item. Instead, Sitecore is ...
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1 answer

Custom Item Url Builder

Im trying to implement a custom Url Builder with Sitecore 9.3.I can't seem to figure out how to patch it. I made a custom url builder that implements BaseUrlBuilder but when I try to patch it in I get:...
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4 votes
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Getting an item using Powershell having only the URL

Is it possible to get a Sitecore item via Powershell script having only the public URL? Something like an overload of the Get-Item function that receives the URL would be ideal Thanks in advance
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3 votes
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Sitecore how to get an ImageField full url, not a relative path?

It's an Web API project, to provide some data for third parties. var image = new MediaItem(imageField.MediaItem); string src = Sitecore.StringUtil.EnsurePrefix('/', Sitecore.Resources.Media....
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Is it possible to teach the keepalive agent to overcome TLS/SSL certificate warnings?

We have an internal environment where the TLS/SSL certificate on tenants is not playing well with some requests. This is not a huge issue for clients who can add a one time trust for the certificate, ...
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