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All questions related to Sitecore URL (item and media URLs) generation, configuration and its uses.

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Language specific redirects with UrlRewrite sitecore module

I've done alot of looking around but I can't seem to find the answer to an issue I am facing. Is it possible to use the UrlRewrite module from the Sitecore marketplace to perform language specific ...
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In MediaManager, how to get image's full url with specifed site's domain included?

The reason why I want to change the domain of an image url is because I'm providing an API to a third party. And the regulation is all media url and internal link url, needs to replace the default ...
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Sitecore 10.1 performance issue without Link Provider code

We upgraded from Sitecore 8.7 to Sitecore 10.1. We are experiencing multiple issues using the Link Provider. When using the existing Sitecore 8.7 LinkProvider code in Sitecore 10, we have observed ...
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Site config exclude relative path for few pages

I have my site definition like below: <site patch:before="site[@name='website']" name="mysite" hostName="" scheme="https" notFoundItem="not-found" ...
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