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For questions related to Sitecore user profiles, including custom and native profile types, properties and storage

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Automatically check some ribbon item

Hi, is there is a way to enforce this checkbox value = true each user login ? If enforce not possible, can we globally set check = true for each users? I found similar question here: Set Default ...
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Sitecore search for users

I've been doing some research on doing a search of the user base, using profile values for querying. I know there's a sitecore_core_index which in theory would cover that, but I'm guessing it's not ...
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Changing the "Invalid Password" message in User Manager

We changed the password complexity for users using a passwordStrengthRegularExpression property, it works fine but how can we inform the user about the format of password needed. For example if ...
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2 answers

Search not working for Sitecore User Field

Using Sitecore 8.0. The template has a field "Author" of field type "Sitecore User". I have created an Item of this template. On clicking Select for "Author", it shows a dialog - "Associate Sitecore ...
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Sitecore Virtual User is lost on new page request

We have created a Virtual User in Sitecore (to reside in Sitecore memory) - we are able to see the virtual user with all the profile data we save but on a redirect to a new page, the Virtual user and ...
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