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A virtual user is nothing but the same as a physical user in Sitecore. It can do all the tricks that a normal user can do. Any question around this concept can use this tag.

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Sitecore/Virtualuser updates and resets value on a page that has not been updated recently

We have an item which has rendering parameter set on a rendering in Presentation details. Recently we noticed that this rendering parameter values has been reset. We have not recently updated the page....
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Sitecore virtual user name | Pattern

I have the following understanding: If an unauthenticated user visits a Sitecore site virtual user is created. The name for the virtual user is a guid. I want to understand whether it is possible ...
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Virtual User causing error with AntiForgeryToken, The provided anti-forgery token was meant for user "extranet\user", but the current user is ""

My site uses SSO for login so most site users do not have Sitecore accounts, as such when a user logs in a virtual user is created: protected void CreateVirtualUser(SSOCentralUser user) { ...
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