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Questions tagged [webapi]

For questions related to the ASP.NET Web API framework, whether writing APIs to manage content or functionality in Sitecore, or consuming data from APIs written using Web API (e.g., the Sitecore ItemService).

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UseTaskFriendlySynchronizationContext in WebApi calls

I'm trying to use Async tasks in my custom web api calls in Sitecore. I've successfully followed this article However I'...
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Sitecore JSS component invoking a web api

I had a react js application (http://localhost:3000) that invoked a web API (http://xyz) POST method. The way I accomplished that is - through the "proxy": "http://xyz" setting in ...
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jQuery AJAX GET request returning “parsererror” error response message

In a scope of Sitecore Web project an API Contoller is used. Got the following response error message during jQuery AJAX GET API request: On a back-end side I use IHttpActionResult action method that ...
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Connect Sitecore to External source for data authoring

We have an external data source (SQL or via API). That data needs to be managed by our content authors. i am looking at something this can be done by tool or minimal customization. I tried to create ...
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