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Workflow without lock and edit option

Is it possible to have workflow without lock and edit option. Also the item version should increment only it had reached the final workflow state.
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Sitecore Mixed Content error for workflow

I am running into issue while using worflow in the site over HTTPS. When Item is either approved or rejected basically page refreshes and in the console i get error like Mixed Content: The page at ...
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How to invoke Workflow on the particular item using Sitecore API?

We have the list of items in the Sitecore tree and all the items will be in a workflow. we are updating these items programmatically and based on some condition, we have to assign the state of the ...
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Which pipeline is used to change the workflow state internally?

We are trying to add in additional code everytime an item moves into Editing state of the workflow. When does this happen? Would I add this code on item save? Version added? Admin users usually dont ...
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How does the SXA Datasource Workflow work?

In SXA 10 I can see a new way to use workflows on datasource items of a page. This is described here. If I assign the page template to a workflow and set it up as in the documentation, it does not ...
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Decide the Workflow state on the fly

I have a Workflow which is in draft state with submit action , based on few condition i have to decide if the next state is asian approver or american approver programattically how do i do this ? If i ...
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I deleted a page, but it still appears on the site. How can I delete this page?

Through Content Editor I deleted a page, after that, I published the folder where it was contained. But even deleted the page keeps appearing on the site and I do not know how to remove. The strange ...
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