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Questions about how Sitecore can be used with the Xamarin tools for cross-platform user interfaces.

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FXM on mobile apps

I am trying to use FXM to track user activity and trigger events etc on a mobile app using Xamarin. Everything is setup in the federated experience manager in Sitecore, although of course it reports ...
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Is it possible to personalize content via Xamarin SDK or SSC using rules?

I was looking into Xamarin SDK and Creating a SSC to provide data to a Xamarin App, but I was wondering ... Is there a way to personalize data shown in Xamarin(or any Mobile App for that matter) based ...
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Caching in Sitecore Mobile SDK for Xamarin

I'm aware of the caching in Sitecore when using it as a website but how about caching in Sitecore Mobile SDK? Is there a caching to consider when using the service? I'm using the Sitecore Mobile SDK (...
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Xamarin support for early version of Sitecore

We are working on for creating mobile app for one of the client and we have started evaluating it. It is on sitecore 7.0. We ant to use Xamarin. Does Xamarin supports this version of Sitecore.
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Does Sitecore support xamarin mobile app development

Does sitecore has mobile api for Xamarin forms mobile app development ? If yes, please provide links to the resources.
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