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Questions tagged [xconnect]

For questions related to xConnect, the API service layer abstracting the storage architecture of xDB from those accessing xDB data.

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xConnect site.xconnect/configuration not found

I've been trying to set up a connection to the xConnect API from a .NET Core website for a couple days now. I ran in to a bunch of problems and i was wondering if something went wrong with my ...
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How best can you scale xConnect to handle high traffic?

This is a follow on from questions about how best to get data out of xConnect (What is the preferable way to get contact information out of xConnect and to a consumer?) How should you approach ...
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xConnect API in a non-sitecore context

I am trying to use xConnect in a .NET Core application. So i started of by copy pasting the method from the documentation that does this.
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What is the preferable way to get contact information out of xConnect and to a consumer?

In the xDB world (ie in 7.5/8) we created a typical MVC controller & view to allow us to get information to the browser via a json feed. Example data would be custom facets we could import from ...
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Patching xConnect, AutomationEngine, IndexWorker configuration

Is there a way to patch xConnect, AutomationEngine, IndexWorker configuration in a way we do it for sitecore instance? I.e. configuration that resides in xConnect instance folders: \App_data\config\...
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Sitecore xConnect generating a JSON file for my custom model

Hello i have been trying out the new xConnect in Sitecore 9. I am now trying to add custom facets to xConnect. To deploy these i need to create a json representation of my model. I have created a ...
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2 answers

Can I call the oData service directly in xConnect?

I've been playing round with Sitecore 9 recently and the xConnect api and had a question around oData. Underneath the api layer there is an oData service that can be reached via: https://...
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Issue with Sitecore 9 certificate missing private key

Trying my best to get my Sitecore 9 instance running on Windows 8.1 with IIS 8.5. As mentioned in Sitecore guide, I am noticing lot of issues while installation. After solving a few of them, I ended ...
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xConnect - 'Sitecore.XConnect.Collection.Model, 8.3' does not match the remote version

I am trying to make a call from Sitecore 9 rev 170622 (Tech Preview) to an xConnect of 9 rev 171002 (IR). During the initialization I am getting the following error: One or more local models conflict ...
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xConnect install: Property "errorMessages" cannot be found on this object

I'm trying to install the XP0 local development version of Sitecore using George Chang's blog as a reference:
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