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How to prevent multiple sessions from same user

Create a new processor to validate a single session on <owin.cookieAuthentication.signedIn> pipeline, if the same username is already logged in on other devices, we kick out the session and then ...
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Sitecore 10.3.1 - Could not find property 'clearroleswhensignin' on object of type: Sitecore.Owin.Authentication.Configuration.DefaultIdentityProvider

Took a look in ILSpy and it looks like there's a typo in the property name. It's actually "clearroleswhensingin" Solution: Change your config patch to <clearroleswhensingin>false</...
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Unable to login virtual user from sitecore when identity server is enabled

Im wondering if it is something to do with the way you are enabling/disabling identityserver? Assuming you are using code similar to the below to log the virtual user: User virtualUser = Sitecore....
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Sitecore XM Cloud Error: User is locked out

If you have a sql management studio or something similar, please follow this steps. First find your docker network by: docker network ls then find out the IP of the Sql server using the docker ...
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How can create site specific virtual user for multi site implementation in Sitecore

You should use separate security domains for each of the sites. Instead of using AuthenticationManager.BuildVirtualUser("extranet\\" + Email, true); You should use for site1: ...
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