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Unicorn throws error in content delivery - Could not find base site 'shell' for site 'unicorn'

The ONLY recommended answer The Unicorn configuration files should never be deployed to CD servers. In fact, no part of Unicorn should be deployed to CD servers. Ever. You need to remove them. https://...
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How do I get to know the CD server Cache details

Adding to the answer (Sitecore 10.*): Go to the CD server and check the App_Data\diagnostics\health_monitor folder. You will get their file named CacheStatus.20230412Z.141522Z.html where 20230412Z....
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Viewing the compiled Sitecore config on Content Delivery?

You can get the compiled showconfig.xml of content delivery servers from a support package. Go to https://<cm_hostname>/sitecore/admin/supportpackage Under step "(2) Choose data to collect&...
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