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Multiple Master_Index entries are coming on job queue on full reindexing the Sitecore_Master_Index

When you use syncMaster strategy for sitecore_master_index, every time you save something in master database (or Sitecore itself saves a page, like e.g. information about last execution or scheduled ...
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In solr Master-Slave configuration custom indexes are getting out of sync sometimes in one of the slave servers

It doesn't directly answer your question. However, it answers, how everything could be organized. You may do not to use SwitchOnRebuildSolrSearchIndex for Master-Slave Solr architecture. Your CD ...
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Solr - Recommended way to search by filters

In the scenario you've described, the recommended approach would be to build the query predicate in the caller method and pass it as an argument to the Solr method (Approach 2). This approach allows ...

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