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You could try following standard steps: Deploy marketing definitions Rebuild xDB Index Rebuild reporting database. If this step, is already done with secondary reporting database configuration, then check the processing server health(logs) and configurations that takes care of aggregation and reporting database auto update.


This is the code you need. using System; using System.Linq.Expressions; using Sitecore.Framework.Rules; using Sitecore.XConnect; using Sitecore.XConnect.Collection.Model; using Sitecore.XConnect.Segmentation.Predicates; public class LastNameSegmentation : ICondition, IMappableRuleEntity, IContactSearchQueryFactory { public string Value { get; set; } ...


I got to know that the Sitecore Segmentation list is useful for this task. If your experience analytics is all set with proper configurations then it will track which contact has hit which profile card pages. You can go to the segmentation lists and apply the rule to match the pattern card for the contacts and then that will give you the filtered list as per ...


The code is below. I uses a .Contains() against a List. It has to be an exact match. if (args.HttpContext.Request.UserAgent == null || !AnalyticsSettings.Robots.ExcludeList.ContainsUserAgent(args.HttpContext.Request.UserAgent)) Then it is just a simple list Contains public bool ContainsUserAgent(string userAgent) { Assert.ArgumentNotNull((object) ...

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