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We have done this using PageEvents by passing the search query as parameter. Here is the code that works and registers the search events public static bool TriggerSearchEventByQuery(string query) { if (!Tracker.IsActive) { Tracker.StartTracking(); } if (!Tracker.IsActive || Tracker.Current.CurrentPage == null) ...


After fixing the configuration issues, you have to rebuild the xDB index to populate the data in your analytics dashboard. Follow these, Deploy Marketing definition Rebuild link databases Rebuild xDB index - Open Command line as administrator and go to the location where the xConnect Search Indexer is running and go to the IndexWorker folder. Run the ...


The session needs to end either expicitly by closing the browser or via code. As per the documentation "xDB data is not committed until after the user's session ends"


I also got same issue, my site is in sitecore 10.0. Previously my application was working fine but problem started as certificate got renewed. Make sure all your three sites should have proper license. Below given default license path details: For Identity Server, its in \sitecoreruntime folder For xconnect site ,its in \App_Data and subfolders of App_Data\...

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