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Disabling 'Remove,' 'Move Up,' and 'Move Down' Buttons of a Specific Rendering in Presentation Details and Experience Editor Based on User Role

On the file: sitecore\shell\Applications\Layouts\DeviceEditor\DeviceEditor.xml you have <Tab ID="ControlsTab" Header="Controls"> <div class="scStretch&...
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Optimization Tab didn't appears on Experience Editor

If you are using Sitecore Managed Cloud, then there is a known issue with the missing Optimization strip. Provided that you have enabled xDB.Enabled, xDB.Tracking.Enabled and ContentTesting.Enabled ...
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Issue with Sitecore JavaScriptServices ViewEngine Rendering

There is some code that is not meant to be rendered on the client side Kindly check your code for the references of the document and add the below condition inside your code if( typeof document!== '...
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Issue with Sitecore JavaScriptServices ViewEngine Rendering

It looks like there may be code running on the server-side that is only meant to run on the client-side. First check your code for references to document, window, or .key, and ensure that the proper ...
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