Only for questions specifically related to Sitecore, including those regarding the use of Gulp for build and deployment when working with a helix-based solution, including habitat and custom solutions

Gulp is a task runner that uses Node.js as a platform. Gulp purely uses JavaScript code and helps to run front-end tasks and large-scale web applications. It builds system automated tasks like CSS and HTML minification, concatenating library files, and compiling the SASS files. These tasks can be run using Shell or Bash scripts on the command line.

In the Sitecore context, Gulp can be used for:

  • Automatisation of the publishing process for solutions with many web projects (helix architecture)
  • Automatic compilation of Sass/Less files.

Few useful plugins:

  • gulp-msbuild - running msbuild command
  • gulp-watch - file watcher that can make action just as file is changed
  • gulp-sass - compiles SASS into a CSS file.