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For questions related to the language features of Sitecore, such as multi-language items and language fallback.

Sitecore makes managing a multi-language/multi-culture site easy:

  • A site can be managed in any number of cultures (for example, US English).
  • Every field on a template can be marked as unique to a specific language or shared across all languages.
    For example, a company logo would be common to all languages and on the same item a different field can be unique in any language.
  • Each language has its own version history.
  • Items can be pushed through workflow to incorporate the translation process.
  • When implemented properly, a site will not require software changes to support new languages.

In October, Sitecore launched its latest web-based content management system, Sitecore XP 8.1. Billed as having powerful contextual intelligence - capabilities that most marketers have only dreamed about until now, Sitecore XP 8.1 has another feature that's sure to make Global Content teams jump for joy: Chained Language Fallback.Sitecore makes managing a multi-language/multi-culture site easy: