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Next.js Multisite Add-on not working in local containers because of CORS issues

For anyone still looking to find a fix for this. Sitecore support team has suggested to add traefik rules for newly added hostnames. You can do this in your docker compose override yml file. These ...
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General Link Field Reuse with Multisite

I ended up resolving this by using a Scriban variant with the promos. With IGenerateScribanContextProcessor I was able to point each action link to the appropriate site. Works great.
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General Link Field Reuse with Multisite

You can use the source query query:$linkableHomes for all the linkable sites. More information:
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Sxa search box suggested result not found in multisite scenario

You can create a custom rendering variant for Search box to get rendered html for suggestions. By default it uses horizontal, you can create a new for example horizontal-absoluteurl. Image: How you ...
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