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Using Next.js with the RestLayoutService

There are 4 diff chunks in the two outputs. The first diff is that the GraphQLLayoutService does not display the contents of the Priority field, whereas the RestLayoutService does: The cause of this ...
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Sitecore + next.js 301 redirects

I haven't really given this a try, but I found that Sitecore has an example of this implemented in the XM Cloud example repo as a middleware plugin. Please check if this could be useful. https://...
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Issue with XM Cloud Environment Variables in Next.js

You have a few errors in the setup here: For an environment variable to be used on your editing host, you must create it in the deploy app and set the Target to Rendering Host. That will make the ...
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Extend GraphQL schema for custom field

Problem During my upgrade from Sitecore 9.2 to 10.3, I faced an issue related to the edge endpoint being hardcoded in the Sitecore.LayoutService.GraphQL.LayoutService....
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Next.js - multisite + multilingual pages without locale within URL

You can use 'default' as the default language in the i18n section of the next-config.js. This will ensure you have a unique default language for each domain. So, for each site node in the Sitecore ...
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