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deploying next.js JSS app to sitecore

You can deploy NextJS to IIS 1- install URLRewrite and IISNode 2- add web.config <configuration> <system.webServer> <rewrite> <rules> <rule name=&...
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How to handle client or server side errors that occurred in placeholder renderings

To Handle Component Level Errors you can use Use Optional Chaining in your component e.g {fields?.pageTitle?.value?.toString() || 'Page'}. using optional chaining You can even display a custom ...
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Redirect middleware not working

If you are using your local instance (HTTP://localhost:3000) to test the redirects make sure you have "disabled" parameter set to false in the redirect.ts import { NextRequest, NextResponse }...
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What's the best way to register components into the component builder from other directories?

There's a bit of messing about to be done for external "shared" project folders owing to the fact that the file paths are relative to the current project root initially and then when it ...
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