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How to open a newly created item in Content Editor via SPE script via the Insert Item integration?

Here are a few options. Show-Output and JavaScript (source) #... your code here with various helpful Write-Host outputs Show-Result -Text # After the Show-Result window is closed, this triggers the ...
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PowerShell commands not running in ISE

The issue appears to have resolved on its own approximately 10 minutes after reinstalling the module. The cause it not clear, however, caching appears to be a likely factor.
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Unable to use SPE with Azure AD login

As described in the official documentation you will need to change the Elevation Action from Password to Confirm.
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SXA Component creation: "Access to the path is denied error"

Adding volume configuration as @Michael West suggested in the comments did solve the permission issue. docker-compose.yml: cm: volumes: - ${LOCAL_DEPLOY_PATH}\website:C:\deploy
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SXA Component creation: "Access to the path is denied error"

Dockerfile Permissions: You may try the below if that works.(This is not a general solution this works in my case) You can include the necessary permissions directly in your Dockerfile. Add the ...
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