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Sitecore Forms Captcha Validation Message showing intermittently

After adding the captcha script above script, as shown in image Removing an async keyword from validation referencing script of captcha It works for me. Thanks
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Recaptcha control not loading on Sitecore 10.2

The reason for this error is a missing callback function that should be called once the reCaptcha control is loaded. The function name is specified in the script tag: <script src="https://www....
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How to enable IsRobotDetection on a form?

Robot detection for Sitecore Forms is enabled by default. To enable or disable robot detection for each form field: In the Forms designer, in the Form elements pane, on the Settings tab, select or ...
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Page in Experience Editor hangs forever with page unresponsive dialogs

do not load google recaptcha script if it is experience editor you can check if you are in experience editor mode using @Sitecore.Context.PageMode.IsExperienceEditor this should fix the issue
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