The redirect behavior in SXA only applies to sites managed by SXA. Consider the options typical of a non-SXA implementation but be aware of the risks and limitations of each. Examples Redirect in CDN/Proxy - difficult to apply for many 1-to-1. Cloudflare for example limits the number of available page rules. IIS Rewrite module - Low complexity for large ...


For performance wise IIS redirect are good. Some references for Sitecore redirects: https://github.com/thecadams/301RedirectModule https://buoctrenmay.com/2019/03/31/playing-around-with-sitecore-user-friendly-redirect-template/ https://github.com/davvves/UrlRewrite/blob/sc9update/Package/Url%20Rewrite%20for%20Sitecore%209.zip

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