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For questions related to Sitecore's native RSS features, including configuration, customization, consumption and beyond. This tag is not meant for general questions regarding RSS feeds that are not specific to Sitecore.

An RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a web feed that can publish frequently updated material — such as blogs, news headlines, audio, video, and so on — in a standardized format. An RSS feed can contain either the full text of the material or a summarized version, as well as metadata, such as, publishing dates, and authorship.

In Sitecore, there are two types of RSS feeds:

RSS feeds – feeds that website visitors can subscribe to. With RSS feeds, publishers can make a summary or update of recently added content available to the website visitor. In this way, the visitors can subscribe to these feeds and automatically receive updates from their favorite websites.

Client RSS feeds – feeds in the Content Editor that Sitecore users can subscribe to. In the Content Editor, you can use Client RSS feeds to stay informed about any item that you are interested in. Unlike the regular RSS feeds, you can subscribe to a Client RSS feed for any item in the Content Editor and receive updates on all the changes that are made to the item