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How can I verify that Azure Redis and Shared Session is working correctly?

How we did for AWS, on Azure I think should be pretty the same: Create test1 page that will display server name(CD1, CD2, etc.) and put information to session: trigger some goal and save some ...
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Sitecore disable session for a specific page

You dont need to disable session to not store a page in Mongo/xDB. Just disable it in the content editor. Analyze > Attributes > Disable Analytics for this page
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Access Rights required for Session database

From the error it seems that your database server is not configured with Contained Authentication. Please execute below script on your server sp_configure 'contained database authentication', 1; ...
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Sitecore shared session state not working - session state works in each site, but not between sites

I've seen this happen with the Forms Authentication cookie before. Multiple instances of the same cookie get added and the most specific domain wins. I ended up creating a method to remove all but the ...
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Contact Facet Data getting lost when request is moving from one CD server to another CD server

You can try by generating a machine key and applied the same to both the CD instance's web.config. Read more here:
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Sitecore Abso Shared Session in XM scaled environment

Sitecore has two session types: private and shared. If you CD server is scaled out to multiple instances and you don't use sticky session (ARR affinity cookie) then both session types should use an ...
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Single Session per user (session revocation)

Second article you mentioned is just what you need. When they mention "free Sitecore license" they don't mean license that you don't have to pay for. What they mean is that with paid ...
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