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Get Sitecore Items based on the dates by using graphql

The parameters that are passed in are used to build a predicate and fired off for search results from the Search API. The OOTB parameters allow for very powerful and fast queries for data but are ...
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Create item with branch as template using ItemService API

For curiosity I had tried this on 10.0.1 instance and can confirm this does not work. While looking at source code responsible for creating Items through REST API/Item Service it seems to specifically ...
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How to return IHttpActionResult while using SitecoreController

Using the same code I am getting the proper response. Here is my controller and Action. using System.Net; using Sitecore.Mvc.Controllers; using System.Web.Http; using System.Threading.Tasks; using ...
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IServicesConfigurator not found

Sitecore.Kernel DLL reference is mandatory to make use of DLL Sitecore.DependencyInjection. Make sure you have added a compatible reference of DLL Sitecore.Kernel. I am using Sitecore DI with version ...
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IServicesConfigurator not found

It's working fine with.Net Framework 4.8 Web application. It's a reference issue with dlls/version of dll. I think You need to add a Nuget package reference of Sitecore.Kernel as per your Sitecore ...

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