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Custom Submit Action Not Getting Called

As per our discussion in chat, Here are the possible solutions to troubleshoot your issue. You can check the assembly name in your Sitecore item check if it was deployed to your solutions. Check if ...
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Can I send an automated email campaign from EXM upon form submission that is not in Sitecore

As mentioned in the comments already you can do this if you create an endpoint on your Sitecore site that can trigger the mail. To do this you can use the EXM api as described in the docs: https://doc....
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Sitecore Form Regex Validation to check if date is in mm/dd/yyyy format

Creating a regex to validate a date, including leap year consideration, can be quite complex due to the variety of rules surrounding date validation. For instance, you need to ensure the month entered ...
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Sitecore JSS Rendering issue on server bundle with experience editor

The error message you're encountering, "SyntaxError: Unexpected token *", is pointing towards an issue in your JavaScript code where a generator function is being defined using the syntax ...
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Sitecore form submissions are inconsistent

I've seen a very similar problem with forms data not being saved occasionally. It was caused by Sitecore Forms bot detection functionality blocking some of the submit actions. In most cases the issue ...
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