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You're missing name param xml element. Documentation says: The configuration is similar to what is described for Solr, except for this: And then that part of your configuration is added. You need index configuration with the following parameters: string name, string mainalias, string rebuildalias, string activecollection, string rebuildcollection, ...


Correct. Sitecore and Solr don't have a field type to map a collection or an array of doubles or floats. These are the available multiValued field types automatically matched by Sitecore: <typeMatch typeName="guidCollection" type="System.Collections.Generic.List`1[System.Guid]" fieldNameFormat="{0}_sm" multiValued="true" ...


What I had to do was visit this URL: https://solr:####/solr/name_of_index_core/update?commit=true&stream.body=<delete><query>*:*</query></delete> Then I had to: Restart the solr service Restart Sitecore Repopulate schema Reindex Though there might be some extra unnecessary steps in there, the amount of documents and indexed ...


From the screenshot, it seems like your solr is listening on port number 8983, While your sitecore instance is hitting on port number 8984.


For me, the solution was obvious once I reviewed the Solr error logs. I was quickly able to see that one of my switch-on-rebuild collections was missing. Creating the missing collection solved the problem.

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