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How to set the JVM Memory for Solr running on an Azure App Service

In order to do this I found I needed to pass an command argument -m in the web.config where the start command is issued like so: <httpPlatform processPath="%HOME%\site\wwwroot\bin\solr.cmd&...
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xDB index rebuild gets stuck and get Request Entity Too Large exceptions

After investigating various configurations on both Solr and xc-search roles, we identified that the problem stems from the Solr web app's IIS restriction on requests size. To address this, we added ...
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Could not find add method: AddIndex (type: Sitecore.ContentSearch.ContentSearchConfiguration)

This can also happen if you fail to deploy files properly. Double check that your builds and deploys are working; particularly around index definition configurations. Make sure that files are actually ...
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SwitchOnRebuildSolrCloudSearchIndex not working with manual update strategy

Going to add some suggestions here rather than continuing in comments. Based on the comments, it sounds like the SwitchOnRebuildSolrCloudSearchIndex class has been correctly assigned and is working to ...
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New publishing target based CD server is not showing index data

You seem to be confusing some terminology. A Publishing Target is a database. Out of the box, sitecore comes with one publishing target called Web. When you perform a publish and select a target, a ...
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Order search results by frequency of the search item in a list of fields in Solr

You can try using query-time boosting to achieve a similar result. Query-time boosting lets you add more weight to specific parts of the query. For example, you can add bosting to a Title field so ...
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Sitecore Media Items not showing up in List view of dialogue box

Recommended Approach from your answer would be - You should Re-Index the tree rather than reindex all as shown below. Then restart the container. This will limit the scope of re-indexing and won't ...
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