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From understanding above you might need to think in Azure Apps way rather than Sitecore. As all the xDB/xConnect logical role are web apps incase of performance and distributed multi region/ Geo distributed application/environments can be setup by App-service-environment-geo-distributed-scale And for deployment you might can use this


The performance hit isn't in the documentation because it depends on a myriad of factors. The key thing to understand here is latency. There are various ways of mitigating this latency however. You can have xConnect Collection role services in each region and use xConnect Scalable Reads combining them with Azure SQL Auto Failover Group capabilities. I will ...


This error occurs because sp_helpuser stored procedure invoked in the aspnet_Setup_RemoveAllRoleMembers stored procedure is not supported with Azure SQL Database. You could try to comment out the line where it is invoked and manually uncomment it after the migration (it is not supported in Azure SQL, so it is very likely not used by the Sitecore application)....


Your site will be inaccessible during maintenance and usually, it is recommended to stop/restart IIS out of working hours when almost no one uses your site. Existing data should not be lost, but site visitors will lose connection during some action (form submission etc.) and Sitecore analytics will not be triggered. If you need to stop your sites, then, ...

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