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Yes, it is possible. Keep in mind that Scriban by default is lower casing properties and using underscore to separate the words. So property called VariantFields will be accessible in Scriban by variant_fields. Take a look here: Please refer to the Scriban documentation for more details: By default, Properties and ...


Is it not possible to update Sitecore settings value by the editors. Is not recommended to update these Sitecore values on runtime because it will restart your IIS/site.


I'm afraid this might not be possible at the moment. This feature initially was designed to work with strongly typed models so you can work around it by having: public class CustomHeroViewModel : VariantsRenderingModel { public string HeroTitle { get; set; } public string HeroDescription { get; set; } public List<MyImage> Images { get; set; ...


You can use the Model variant definition - that was introduced in SXA 1.7 (don't know what version you are using though) which is compatible with Sitecore 8.2-upd7. With the model variant you can display custom data in a rendering variant. Wrote a blog about last year: ...

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