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TL;DR Because you are not using supported SPE package. Make sure you downloaded it from Right now package on github is insufficient. More info in Sitecore Experience Accelerator compatibility tables Explanation Starting from SXA 10.2 - items will be delivered/stored inside dat files (not in SQL). Every item that has a dependency on other ...


I am afraid there is no way to do it because variant is used to generate each result separately not the whole list. This is a place where items from index are prepared Sitecore.XA.Feature.Search.Controllers.SearchController list = (IEnumerable<Result>) source.Select<SearchItem, Result>((Func<SearchItem, Result>) (i => new Result(i, ...


There is no other way to tell (at least for Clone-Site script) what's the current status. This issue might be caused by known issue in SPE. It often happens when you run a script in CE and switch to other browser tabs. It affects only UI, backend can still work fine. What I would suggest you to do is simply do a quick test and compare number of items for ...


NVelocity has been completely and totally removed. SXA has adopted Scriban as a replacement. I believe this was introduced in 9.3: Example building a custom function

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