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This can happen if you have made your SXA Tenant unpublishable. There seems to be some logic in some components that doesn't resolve the Context (master/web) correctly and needs to have the site published. Simply make your SXA Tenant publishable (remove publishing restrictions) and publish to resolve this issue.


When you will create a new site, you will have all of the Rendering Variants defined under your Site, here: We have also a few "global" variants which are here: /sitecore/system/Settings/Foundation/Experience Accelerator/Rendering Variants/Rendering Variants but in general you should use your own one. So the one which will be auto-created in the site ...


This is a problem that falls on the unfortunate spot in between SXA, JSS, and Sitecore Services Client. I know it doesn't help you to know that these are somewhat separate development teams inside Sitecore, but I do believe that's where this falls. Using the new SXA/JSS features in 9.2 and above, we've also found that some Api calls and GraphQL calls fail ...

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