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This is probably due to the large media file sizes. Tools like TDS and Unicorn should be specifically used to store development specific Sitecore templates, layouts, system settings, content tree, basic content etc in source control and not full fledged content. I have encountered challenges whenever we tried to manage large amounts of content in source ...


The TDS help page describes a solution for this issue: Note that it is not recommended to include large files in source control. This is their answer to this type of error: You are probably trying to bring large file size content into your source control system. This is something that we ...


This also happened to me today. If you want to see detailed information about error, in Visual Studio Output pane, change Show output from to Team Development for Sitecore. In my case, the item was getting added twice to Model.gen.cs. So I had to Re-Generate Code for all items.

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