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Ok the nature of the tree and how the config needs that setup just clicked for me. You need to walk each node of the tree via an exception. <exclude childrenOfPath="Manager Root/Messages"> <except name="2019" includeChildren="false" /> <except name="2019/11" includeChildren="false" /> <except name=...


The target datastore uses the $(sourceFolder) variable as prefix in the value used in the different Unicorn configurations. Instead of changing the target datastore value directly, you should patch the sourceFolder variable value as follows using the appropriate value for each of your environments: <configuration xmlns:patch="


Transparent Sync in Unicorn can be enabled (it is disabled in the default Unicorn configuration) adding the following configuration element to a configuration block: <dataProviderConfiguration enableTransparentSync="true" /> In a Helix project, you probably want to enable the Transparent Sync in your base configuration and then create a new ...


If the Unicorn folder is in your App_Data folder, you should be able to set the target datastore to $(dataFolder)\unicorn. Depending on how you configure and deploy it, it could be $(dataFolder)\unicorn\$(layer)\$(module) or something of the sort. You may have to experiment with the path a little bit, but as long as it's under the App_Data folder, the $(...

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