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Since MongoDB 4.0.5 is officially supported for Sitecore 8.2.2, you should not encounter any issues during upgrade. Regarding MongoDB driver, you can find driver version compatibility version here. According to that table, the minimum driver version that supports both 3.6 and 4.0.5 is 2.7. However, MongoDB driver included in Sitecore rev. 161221 installation ...


Any database upgrade script has a potential to change database schema, hence require exclusive table/database locks. Obtaining an exclusive lock for database/table level cannot be guaranteed in heavily loaded environment (it will timeout). If there is a sequence of SQL steps to be taken, upgrading schema for one table, while timing out for a different one ...


There is a new option available now at One can type in the support patch number and it will tell in which Sitecore version that patch has been fixed for example, if one types in KB0511164 it will redirect you to the page describing that issue:

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