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ERROR Cannot start analytics Tracker

Your application pool may not have access to the SSL certificate(s) that your site host names are bound to (or the certificates that are referenced in your ConnectionStrings.config). You can use this ...
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xConnect The HTTP response was not successful: Unauthorized

We encountered a similar issue with the The HTTP response was not successful: Unauthorized error in our On-Prem Sitecore instance after switching from self-signed certificates to authorized wild-card ...
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Experience Analytics Data Is Not Coming

Please check the followings- Your certificate is both valid and accessible to the xConnect application. Solr is error-free. Kindly verify that you have created and deployed the custom model in ...
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XConnect and CLI not acknowledging a custom purge condition

Having recently implemented something similar (I wrote about it here), I think you may be missing a config that essentially whitelists the conditions that can be used on the cortex processing role. ...
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